163 Bty visit with WO2 (Retd) Arthur Pacey, 16th Fd Regt, Korea

Recently the BC and NCO’s from 163 Bty visited WO2 (retd) Arthur Pacey, Gun Sgt during the Korean conflict. Arthur fired 16th Fd Regt’s first rounds in anger, a fact he is understandably very proud of. Arthur regailed the BC and soldiers with many tales of his time in Korea, and spoke of an incident where an officer slipped over on ice in front of his men whilst trying to return a salute, a sight that the then Sgt Pacey couldn’t stop laughing about, even when the officer (name withheld) tore a strip out of him! 

During the visit, WO2 (Retd) Pacey showed off some very impressive photographs that he took with his personal camera whilst in Korea.

Thanks for this to Barry Dreyer and Maj Brent Morris, BC of 163 Bty.