Agenda and Documents for RNZA Association AGM, 28 October 2023

Below is the AGM Agenda and links to associated documents

Agenda for the RNZA Assn (Inc) Annual General Meeting to be held at
the Trentham Camp WOs/SNCOs Mess. Saturday 28 2023 0930-1000 hrs
Present: (List of attendees)
Presidents’ Welcome and a moment’s silence for those who have passed
on this year.
Apologies: Woody Barrett, Wayne and Lindy Searle, Ken Ford, Paul Fergus,
Graham Rice, Paul O’Connor, Bryan Meyer, Les Wright, Tom O’Reilly, Wally
Stewart, Skin Francis, Rick Williams, Barry and Judy Dreyer, Barry and Mo
Cook, Tony Wales, Mike Wiksteed, Chris Morriss, Chris Pearce, Tony
Previous Minutes. As published here and notified on RNZAA Website
Presidents Report. Shay Bassett. Annual Report for 2023.
Treasurers Report. Chris Pearce. Financial Report for period 1 Oct 2022–
30 Sept 20231 as inspected by Max Carpenter and Alastair
General Business
1. Honorarium
2. Welfare report from Greg Thwaite
3. Membership Database, Website: Report from Chris Morris
4. Q Store. Report from Quartermaster Craig Hewett
6. Veteran Support: Report from Bernie McCort
7. RNZRSA matters: RNZRSA Liaison Officer John McNicol report.
8. South Island Matters. Pete Dawson.
9 RNZAA Historic Trust Report: Lt Col (rtd) Barry Dreyer.
10. Any Other matters
Election of Officers
President: Maj Shay Bassett has indicated his willingness to remain as
President. There being no further nominations…
Treasurer: Nominated; Richard Gordon. There being no further
Secretary. John McNicol has indicated his willingness to remain as
Secretary. There being no further nominations…
Committee: (6 members)
Greg Thwaite,
Chris Morris,
Craig Hewett,
Pete Dawson
have all volunteered to stand again on the committee.
Nominated: Richard Mcauley
There being no further nominations…
Martin Coomber and Bernie McCort have volunteered to stand `outside
committee` Martin as Editor of NZ Gunner, Bernie as Veterans Coordinator.
11. Next AGM/Reunion: Schedule of Locations:
2023 – Trentham
2024 - North of Line Taupo (Tauranga/Hamilton/Auckland)
2025 South Island.
Meeting Closure

Maj (Ret) John McNicol (ED)
RNZA Association


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