ANZAC Day Commemorations

The Australian Artillery Association wishes all Kiwi Gunners a memorable ANZAC Day 2013.
I know that Jim Booth, an old colleague, will be attending the services at Browns Bay as part of 101 Field Battery RAA Assoc. so I feel sure that it will be a grand ANZAC event.
On a belated and sad note, we were terribly sorry to hear of Jeff Waters passing although we knew that he had some serious and long term medical issues.   We were also very shocked to learn of Brig. Graham Birch’s passing in March 2013.
This news was quite unexpected as we spent some pleasant time with Graham at Browns Bay and he appeared to be very Hale and Hearty.   I must admit that he seemed to be in much better condition than I.   It was, therefore, quite a shock to learn of his passing.   Although this email is quite belated, please pass on our respect and condolences to ‘our’ Gunner’s respective families and friends.   Thanking you.

We note that the 2013 gathering is to be down south in October this year and we are trying to organise ourselves for a flying visit this time to maintain our continuity.   We will keep you posted.

Do enjoy ANZAC Day and the wonderful camaraderie that it provides and please try to stay in step when marching with the Aussie Diggers!