Update: Graeme Flavel

From Julia Flavel:
Graeme's health has taken a turn for the worse sadly so I am trying to update everyone on a regular basis.
Graeme started on oxygen at home for his emphysemia on the 6th Sept.  This certainly made a difference to his well being and stopped him from sleeping for up to 16-18 hours a day.  It gave him renewed enthusiasm again.
However this last 5 days he has had a few extra breathing episodes which turned out to be caused by pneumonia.  He is now in Wanganui Hospice being treated and whilst he is there they are tweaking his medication to see if they can make him feel better.  We are very hopeful that this can be done to enable him to come home by the weekend.
I am staying with him at the hospice so am not able to take any phone calls just now but am checking emails regularly.
I thank everyone for their continuing support at this hard time.  Andrea and Michelle are a tower of strength and we have amazing support from Hospice and our Doctor.
Sincerest regards