Keeping up with our History
1. RNZA Historical Trust and 2. Adding the story of the guns to the website
  1. The RNZA Historical Trust members will be meeting next week in Linton, in conjunction with 16 Fd Regt staff,to get the task of identifying and recording RNZA Archives and Memorabilia under way. Good luck to Kerry Lee (as Curator), the Trustees, and the team of willing volounteers in Linton.
  2. While we`re on the subject of History, the `History` Section of the website needs the input of someone who is capable of writing a short synopsis of each of the periods of history relating to the NZ Artillery (see proposed structure). Brig Graham Birch had agreed to tackle the task, but now with his passing, we need someone else to pick it up from here. Please email if you think you may be the person we need (or if you know of someone suitable).