Invitation to attend Live Fire Exercise with 16 Fd Regt at Waiouru, 3 Aug 2019

*** We already have enough applications for this event to have now become fully/over subscribed. Thank you for your enthusiastic response. The Assoc Sec'y will now process the replies in the order received and advise attendees over the next few days. This will be followed with further administrative details once these have been finalised with 16 Fd Regt. He will also maintain a 'reserve' list from respondents to cover cancellations.***

16 Fd Regt have extended an invitation for a number of RNZAA members to observe both the gun line and FO activity at a Live Fire Exercise at Waiouru on Saturday 3 Aug 19. Attendance will be managed on a strictly 'first come first served' basis. This order will be determined by the order of email receipt at 

The proposed order of events (TBC) is as follows:

Saturday 3 Aug 19
RV at Waiouru Primary School at 1000hrs.
16 Fd Regt uplift Assn personnel and transport to the gun position.
Groups possibly change around at a suitable time (lunchtime) between gun line and OP.
16 Fd Regt transport Assn personnel back to camp (1600hrs).
It is proposed that Assn personnel overnight meal/accom in camp on Sat 3 Aug 19 (TBC).

Any queries, please address to

Chris Pearce

RNZA Association