WW2 Japanese Battle flag - help me find more information please

Request for information from Stewart Latta (Stewart-Latta@hotmail.co.uk). Please contact Stewart direct with any information.

I recently purchased a WW2 Japanese Battle flag which was taken from a POW camp.  It has on it several names and numbers of POWs interned at the camp all of whom were soldiers in the RNZA.  Some have written "Fort Dorset, Wellington".

I am hoping to frame the flag as a tribute to the POWs who suffered

 at the hands of the Japanese.  I would be extremely grateful in any help in tracing infor

mation about the POWs who have signed this flag. 

I have taken two pictures of the flag along with the names on it.  Unfortunately the names are illegible in any photographs I’ve taken. However I have written down all the names I could read.  Here is all the information I could make out:



  • 37213 B. CHARLTON, RNZASC, Fort Dorset, Wellington
  • 173244 ,Mr. STOREY, RNZA
  • 34244 ,*first name illegible* "CHICK" MURPHY, RNZASC
  • JASE LAMP, Fort Dorset, Wellington
  • 37424 (possibly S) WAYNE, NZASC, Fort Dorset
  • 53839 Cpl (possibly RAYLEN)  RS, RNZASC, NZEF, Base Camp, Fort Dorset, Wellington
  • 671300 Gnr. MARSHALL  (possibly JE), 10th Coast Regt, RNZA
  • 95153, BL BELL BA, 14 coast regt, RNZA, Fort Dorset
  • 31223 (possibly DLA) EDWARDS, ASC, Fort Dorset,
  • (Possibly PLEWLE), "SLOOSE" HUGHES, ASC, LINTON, 1st Force Wellington,.
  • 44007
  • BOB OTT (possibly ORR) , 1955-1956, Eastwinn
  • L/BG E. DINGLE, 609 Avenue Rd, Wst Hastings HB

Unfortunately the writing has faded over time so some of the information may be wrong.

Thanks Stewart Latta