Dear RNZA Association members.

Your committee is made up of volunteers who through their interest in the Association, contribute to the running of your organisation in many ways.
These functions are varied and include Membership, Website, Finance, Q Store, Veteran Affairs, Legal, e-newsletter, Administration, and activities such as reunions, AGMs, Operation Ubique, LSP liaison with Regt.

At the moment we are seeking volunteers/helpers to join the committee (or even outside of the formal committee) to ‘spread the load’.

Two roles that need filling are:
NZ Gunner newsletter editor.
Association Secretary, to deal with correspondence.

If you have a particular interest in either role or just wish to contribute to the committee then, please, let’s hear from you.
With current committee members located across the whole country, all of these roles can be managed remotely. Future committee meetings will more than likely be held via a media such as Zoom, Skype, etc., — one common to all.

You do not need to be at the upcoming Assn AGM/reunion to put your name forward.
Just email us at