Last Post: Lawrie Sincock

SINCOCK Lawrence Robert MBE, Regt No F920696, WO RNZA, passed away peacefully on 28 November 2012, at Hamilton. aged 80 years.

Lawrie was a man among men. He was Battery Guide for 31 Battery for many years and served the Guns well. He served both the 25 Pounder and the M101A1 Howitzer. God will say to him "Well done, good and faithfull soldier". Many a Regular Force BSM had the good fortune to benefit from his wise counsel over the years.

As a Headmaster in civillian life he was subject to movement all over Otago, Particularly Otematata, in the Waitaki Valley where he was for many years the Fire Chief as well as a Warrant Officer in the Teritorial Army. (Otematata was the constuction villiage for the giant Benmore Dam at that stage and was a very large villiage). After that he moved to the Methven school as headmaster for a short spell and became Battery Guide to 32 Battery, still with 3 Fd. Regt. RNZA. 

He moved to Lawrence as headmaster of the Lawrence Area School, and to his beloved 31 (B) Battery, 3 Fd Regt RNZA. (The Battery had had the (B) added to its name by that stage) and returned to the fold as Battery Guide, where he was awarded his MBE for services to the Territorial Army and to the Fire Service.

That he was held in the highest regard goes without saying.

He retired from the Teritorial Force after that and took up an appointment with the NZ Army as the Headmaster at Singapore School. Many Regular Force personnel will remember him from Singapore. He served there for a number of years before taking up a post at Hamilton where he retired to Raglan. His latter years were spent in Hamilton. He took a great interest in the affairs of the RNZA.