Locating DE Pearson or a family member of DE Pearson

I have made extensive inquiries about D E Pearson, including putting an item in NZRSA's  Lost Trails recently, which so far has had no bites. This is what it said:

Found item for D E Pearson (6 LAA Regiment) or family: I would like to be put in touch with anyone who knows or knew Second Lieutenant D E Pearson, who served with New Zealand forces, 6 LAA Regiment, 1951-56. I have discovered a memento which I would like to return to D E Pearson or his family.

The memento I have is a cartridge case vase with DE Pearson's name inscribed on it - I found it in the basement of a flat in Dunedin in about 1989. Every time I try different NZ Military web searches for this man, I tend to draw a blank. I would appreciate any help you can give.

Regards, Valerie Smith

25a Bould Street, Johnsonville, Wellington