Photos and Video from 22(D) Bty and Wellington Artillery 150th Anniversary Reunion, 21-23 July 2017

Below are links to photos and video from the Reunion in Wellington on 21-23 July 2017, which was attended by more than 110 former and current  gunners and family. Also photos and video of the History of Wellington Artillery from the formation of the Wellington Artillery Volunteers on 22 July 1867 through to 22(D)Bty's disbanding in 2003.

Thanks to many former and current Wellington gunners for digging out and supplying photos and videos of and for the reunion including, Brian Bethell, John McNicol, Sir Doug Kidd, Chris Morriss, Ian Dickie, Jerry Le Claire, Blair Dickie, Michael Ryan, Colin Jansen, Tom Orr, and Sean Mintey. Older Historical Photos of Wellington Gunners before the 1960s are courtesy of the  National Library's Online collection.

Click Here for Reunion Memorial Plaque unveiling and Wreath laying photos, Point Jerningham.

Reunion Fifteen Gun Salute photos and video (one round fired for each decade of the 150 years), 16 Fld Regt and former Gunners, Pt Jerningham.
    Click Here for Photos
    Click Here for Video

Click Here for Friday Night Mix and Mingle photos, Seatoun RSA

Click Here for Reunion Dinner photos, Wellesley Hotel

22 (D) Battery History photos and video, 1970s-Present.
    Click Here for Photos
    Click Here for First Video of 1980s 22(D)Bty Freedom fo the City Charter Parades
    Click Here for Second Video of 1980s 22(D)Bty Freedom of the City Charter Parades

Click Here for D Bty and other Wellington Artillery History photos,1867-1960s