Dear Fellow Gunners

Greg Thwaite has called in a few favours and used a few contacts to achieve something of a coup (not seriously!).  Prince Charles and Camilla will be  attending our church service on Sunday morning at the Auckland Museum and Greg is trying to establish the likelihood of a group photo of RNZA Assn members with HRH after the service.

So we would want as big a representation of our members as possible at the service. We will advise if there are any special arrangements which those attending the service will need to comply with.
The Auckland City Council are providing nibbles for our members after the Remembrance Day Service at 11.00am, before we depart for our home locations.

Don`t miss out. Be a part of an historic event.

This is a great opportunity to show the strength of the RNZA Association to the wider community.

The Reunion is now les than two weeks away and we still have places available. There is only one week left to register so please do so now.

Look here on Muzzle Flashes or click on Look-Read-Record to register now!


Tony McLeod