Russ Barron

From Royal New Zealand Artillery Association (INC) Facebook page.

Hi Gunners.

I've been holding off on this for quite some time now but I feel its time to get some support going out there from Southern Gunners particularly for my old and great mate Russ Barron. Russ is currently battling the Big C and Tuesday this week he had a particularly bad episode and has been admitted by ambulance to Christchurch Hospital. He needs to have a stent inserted into his stomach to allow him to hold down food and fluids and 2 procedures have failed so far. He is now having surgery hopefully tomorrow to rectify things. Russ is pragmatic and staunch and as always a fighter and it would be nice if he heard some encouragement and visits from his Gunner mates as he goes through this. He is currently in Ward 27 Christchurch Public Hospital.

If you need info please contact me. 021-334381 or 03-3180859.

Pete Dawson