Sergeant Jozef Subritzky

Joe Subritzky passed away in Papakura earlier this week.   His passing followed on from a fall at home.

Joe commenced his military career as a Regular Force Gunner, in the 1970’s.    He was following in the footsteps of his brother, Mike.  
In his time, he was deployed with 161 Battery on an exercise in Malaya.   A familiar territory In that era, as many of the Gunners were Vietnam veterans.

After leaving the Regular Force, he joined 11(A) Battery in the Territorial Force.  He was posted to the gunline, where he rose to the rank of Sergeant.  He was a proud and efficient Sergeant.  

Joe had a sound knowledge of gunnery, including the arcane topic of “trunnion tilt”.   In his handling of men  (including at times subalterns) he was firm, but fair, and generous when it was merited.

Joe’s funeral will be held on Friday 24 March 2023, at 1100 h in the Roman Catholic church at 52 East St, Papakura.   His family request that medals be worn.   This tradition would please Joe, who had an extensive interest in ancient nobility and Orders of Knights, and their regalia and customs.

Gregory J Thwaite
11 (A) Battery 1973-1976