The Gunner spirit alive and well in the Waikato

Whilst we didn’t have 5 Gunners on parade on ANZAC day in Te Aroha we did have 3 and these 3 ex Gunners held the 3 key positions.
1.       Mayor Mr Hugh Vercoe Presiding over the Parade

2.       Parade Marshall Mr Phillip Legg ex Sgt 4 medium Battery

3.       President Te Aroha RSA  Myself Russell Smith ex Sgt 161 battery, 4 mdm battery.


Both in the Mayors speech and mine the proud reputation of the gunners got mentioned, As it did in a radio interview I did on ANZAC morning.
So I can assure you all that even though there might only be a few of us in good old Te Aroha we make our mark.


Russell Smith
Te Aroha RSA.