Wellington Gunners meet at the Thistle

A group of Gunners gathered at the Thistle Inn on Monday afternoon to celebrate St Barbara's Day (albeit 24 hours early!) and to meet up with John Tulloch on his first visit to NZ in almost 40 years - John served in the RNZA (161 Bty 1968-69 Section Comd and FO, and 16 Fd Regt Adjt) before joining the RA. The gathering included the Col Comdt Barry Dreyer and a range of retired regular and territorial members, one serving member plus a couple of "ring ins" (David Grant RNZAC, 161 Bty 1968-69, and David Moloney ex NZSAS and RNZIR). John's wife Victoria was also there and enjoyed putting faces to names of people she had heard about but not met! A very pleasant and enjoyable interlude in an historic setting.