Muzzle Flashes

  • From Barry Dreyer:

  • I was able to visit Fred in Waikato Hospital yesterday. I stood at the end of his bed and said “get out of bed soldier” he looked around an

  • Exercise Ben Cat - RNZA Assn Reunion - EVSA Reunion

  • 35220 Lt Col Evard Dennis Meredith CAPE, (27 Nov 33 – 8 Jun 13), Royal Australian Artillery, was the first BC of 106 Fd Bty RAA which was formed in 1966 and went to South Vietnam in Apr 67.

  • From Graeme Black: 

  • Bill was feeling better every day. Then he had visitors . . . .






  • How good to get the newsletter.  How sad to read the names of some of our most famed members from World War II and Korea I have read and heard about, to those of my time with 161 Btry with the 173d.  Last Post continues to echo and we will remember them.

  • Bill Giles is in Middlemore Hospital, Auckland, with a broken hip after a fall.

    Jerry Meyer visited him yesterday and says he is in good spirits.

    He may have an operation today to fix the break but will be in hospital for a while until it mends.

  • Salutations to All

  • Email from David Weston to the Curator of the National War Memorial, Mr Paul Riley

  • Fraternal Gunners Day greetings to all in the Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery, those serving and those who have served the guns. Congratulations on your Anniversary Day.

  • 16 Field Regt Rugby League Trip Australia

    16 Fd Regt are currently planning a rugby league trip to Australia in October 2013. They  will play 6RAR and 1 Fd Regt- a Long Tan Cup is the prize.

  • Bill is currently in Middlemore Hospital (Ward 10) with a broken hip after a fall at home on Wednesday afternoon.


  • Gents, during our month long trip in SW WA we had dinner with Billy and his partner Fleur in Esperance where he resides. He is well, owning a business comprising mining based assets in the East WA Goldfields area and doing very well for himself.

  • Hi Team,