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The RNZA Historical Trust was established on 26 September 2012.(Please see the RNZA Association website for a copy of the Trust Deed and a list of the inaugural trustees).

It came about as a result of a request for assistance from 16 Field Regiment to the RNZA Association to help with the cataloguing and on-going preservation of artillery items in Linton Camp.
At the inaugural meeting of a group of willing helpers in Linton on 24/25 July 2012, it was decided to establish a `Trust` with the authority to act on behalf of the RNZA, to catalogue and preserve Artillery items throughout New Zealand.
One of the factors driving this decision was with the closing down of units, messes and RSAs around the country, many of which have possession of items belonging to previous RNZA units, it is very likely that valuable RNZA items could `drift` into private ownership, never to be seen by the wider gunner fraternity again.

Cataloguing of items in Linton is about to commence, with Kerry Lee as the coordinator (and curator) of the Linton/Palmerston North area. Recording of items will take place using Microsoft Access Database, with the master file being held by Kerry. Those sections of the database which are suitable to be open for public viewing will be posted on the RNZA Assn Website.

It is now our task to establish regional teams which will comb their regional areas to identify any and all RNZA items, establish the provenance of the item if possible, and take appropriate recording action.  It is not intended to remove items from the regional areas, simply to record their existence and establish a procedure for ongoing control (where appropriate).

This is a very important task, having significant implications for the ongoing preservation of our heritage.

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