Armistice Day, Veterans Day, Remembrance Day

From Pappy Patchin, in the USA:

November 11th.  When I grew up it was Armistice Day.  It became Veterans Day.  When I served with my mates from Australia and New Zealand it was Remembrance Day.

We are still free today because of those gone before us.  We served or had someone in our family who served.  Men and women throughout the free world continue to offer themselves to maintain that fragile concept called freedom – as they know and understand it.

Proudly wear The Poppy.  Thank a veteran.  Enjoy the fruits of their sacrifices. Some died, some lived, some bear terrible wounds, some are here but never left “there”.

Smile for them as Taps or Last Post is played because they offered of themselves.  Most of them will be someplace else.  They will be with brothers and sisters who are in uniform.  If you didn’t wear one you’ll never really understand.  It’s a true love.  It’s the best years of our lives.  It’s an empty part in a strong heart.

It is not a sale or a day off from school or work.  You didn’t earn it.  Someone you will never know gave you a very special privilege.