Veteran`s Liaison Network

The Veteran`s Liaison Network (VLN) is a network of veterans from the wars NZ gunners have been involved in; World War 2, Korea, Sth Vietnam, United Nations (this does not exclude reps from other theatres such as Malaya/Borneo etc). The VLN are identified in each District and the intention is that they provide the personal link for the Association to Veterans from that war (their mates). They are essentially the `eyes and ears` of the Association and are the most likely people to provide information on health problems, deaths, and funeral arrangements for their mates in their area.

The District Coordinator will maintain his/her own list of VLN personnel, as the personalities are different in every area, and the needs of the Coordinator will differ from District to District.

One of the main aims of the VLN is to ensure that we do not overlook the older veterans as they get fewer;it is applying `Lest we forget` at the personal level.