Privacy and Editorial Policies

Privacy Policy

As an Association, we collect, handle and store the personal information that members provide to us when they complete the Association’s Membership Registration Form. By completing and submitting the form, they have given consent to the Association to collect and hold the information provided in the Form.

This information is used to establish and maintain the membership roll and for administrative purposes. Members' names and initials are published on the site (see Current Members), with no other personal detail disclosed in this way.

We may disclose this information to third parties who can assist us in providing information, services and benefits to our members. For example, a subsidy may be available to defray the costs of a reunion, on provision of detail that evidences operational service, that is, name, number and operational theatre of qualifying members at the reunion.

We limit the use and disclosure of any personal information provided by us to them to the specific purpose for which we supplied it.

Members have the right to seek access to their personal information and to correct it at any time.

Editorial Policy