Constitution and Rules

Main features -

The objectives of the Association are:

  • To be the principal Gunner association in New Zealand.
  • To represent and make representations on behalf of all Gunners through the Colonel Commandant for the betterment of the RNZA and its members present and past.
  • To communicate with the wider Gunner fraternity, both within New Zealand and internationally.
  • To maintain artillery traditions through observance, promotion and education.
  • To perpetuate the esprit de corps of the RNZA and keep alive the spirit of comradeship among Gunners.
  • To assist and support any Gunner in need, within the means available to the Association.
  • To ensure that any member knowing another member to be ill or in need, shall visit their comrade and then report to the Secretary, so that visits may be continued and attention given, and provision granted as and when needed.
  • To pay due honour and respect to departed comrades by attending their funerals and remembering them on Gunners' Day, St Barbara’s Day, ANZAC Day and on any formal occasions.
  • To raise funds and receive donations, gifts and bequests to be applied solely to the charitable purposes of the
  • Association.

The Association is a registered charity (CC37284) within New Zealand.


  • Full Members are former and current members of the RNZA who have had a minimum of three month's service in a New Zealand Artillery unit.
  • Life Members have rendered valuable service to the Association over an extended period.
  • Associate Members:
    • Former and Serving Members of the New Zealand Defence Force or foreign Armed Services who have been attached to the RNZA;
    • Any other person who has served with any artillery unit for a minimum of three years, other than with the RNZA;
    • Persons, such as immediate family, who have a close relationship to a Full or Life Member, or to a deceased person who would have qualified for Full Membership had they applied;
    • Persons who have a close affinity with the RNZA through their service attachment to an artillery unit, or who are Full Members of an organisation deemed by the Executive Committee to share common historical roots or interests.
  • Honorary Members. Any person who has rendered valuable or distinguished service to the RNZA or the RNZA Association but is not eligible for Full or Associate Membership.

Management Committee

The affairs of the Association are administered by the Executive Committee which consists of the:

  • President;
  • Vice President [elected by and from the Executive Committee];
  • Treasurer;
  • Secretary; and
  • Up to six members
  • The Patron and Colonel Commandant RNZA are ex officio members of the committee.
  • The Executive Committee appoints Committee Members at Large and District Coordinators to provide contact with and feedback from members wherever they may be. Members at Large may attend and participate in any meeting of the Executive Committee.

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