Elected Life Members

Any Full or Associate Member who has rendered valuable service to the Association over an extended period, or distinguished service to the RNZA, may be nominated for Life Membership.

Proposals for Life Membership shall be in the form of a letter outlining fully the reasons why that the person should be considered. The recommendation shall be proposed and seconded by two Full or Life Members of the Association and forwarded to the Secretary for approval by the Committee.

2013 life members Brian Jerry Meyer, Denis Dwane, Don Kenning, Ray Andrews, Graeme Black, Barry Dreyer.  Absent: Geof Hitchings

The elected Life Members of the Association are:

2021 Colin Jansen  
2020 Woody Barrett  
2020 John Deazley  
2020 Terry Farrell  
2020 Lt Col (rtd) Con Flinkenberg  
2020 Lt Col (rtd) Fred Goodall  
2020 Maj (rtd) Kerry Lee  
2020 Danny McCort  
2020 Lt Col (rtd) Rob Munro  
2020 Maj (rtd) Roger Newth  
2020 Col (rtd) Roger Pearce  
2020 Brig (rtd) Paul Southwell  
2020 Lt Col (rtd) Nic Thornton  
2020 Lt Col (rtd) Ron Turner  
2020 Lt Col (rtd) Rick Williams  
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2018 Bernadine McCort  
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2017 David Weston  
2017 Tom Roche  
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2015 Pete Dawson  
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2014 Peter Hanson Citation
2013 Brian Jerry Meyer  
2013 Denis Dwane Bio
2013 Don Kenning  
2013 Ray Andrews


2013 Graeme Black

Bioof G Black 

2013 Barry Dreyer Bio
2013 Geof Hitchings  
2012 Mike Dakin  
2008 Angus Rivers Citation
2008 Catherine Rivers Citation