Mike Dakin

was born and educated in Tasmania, and transported to Patea in 1950. He joined the Territorial Force through the CMT scheme in 1953 and transferred to the Regular Force in 1956, as an instructor at CD Training Battery, Waiouru.

In 1957 the newly-elected Labour Government ended CMT and the Army was reformed to become an operational force. Mike, along with other instructors, was now redundant in that role. Due to a shortage of officers, he was commissioned in 1961 and posted to 16 Field Regiment.

He served in 161 Battery for a time before moving successively to Regimental Survey Officer, where he did nothing of distinction; G3 HQ NMD, where he was shown how to write; and the School of Artillery, which shows absolutely no sign of his passing through.

He completed his unexceptional Army career with a tour in Vietnam in 1966, with Kenning's and Honnor's batteries. During his career, he had several near-death experiences, but fortunately all three of his victims survived.

Mike returned to civvy street in 1967. After a period with SIS, he moved to the Employers' Association as an industrial advocate. This was productive fun, and he made many friends among trade unionists and employers. He represented the Employers' Federation at a conference in Geneva in 1972.

His career path took him into human resource management for five years. After that he founded and ran his own consultancy for thirteen years, specialising in management education and managerial behaviour. He was Vice President of the NZ Institute of Management Auckland Division for two terms.

Mike was married to Elva from 1954 until her death in 2007. They have two sons and four grandchildren.