Bevin Culhane: Update

From Lin Culhane:

Hi there, I attended a family meeting with the Drs at Waikato Hospital yesterday and I am very sorry to have to let you all know that Bevin will be unable to come home to me to be cared for, as I was hoping. He needs more care than I can give, as he is watched 24hrs a day at the hospital because of the risk of falls, which goes along with risk taking and the lack of eye movement amongst other symptoms which affect him. I have put the 'beginning notes' below for the website that is available in case you wish to know more about what the Drs are pretty sure Bevin is suffering from, because it is rare and comes under Parkinsons+. Bevin is aware that he is going into care and I think he is just glad to be coming back to Matamata as he has been in hospital for 3 weeks now.