Request from assistance from Steve Harvey, re Sch of Arty YO’s Trophy’s

FROM:  Steve Harvey re Sch of Arty YO’s Trophy’s

I have been given a task and need your assistance, so a short story.  YO cse has 2 awards and with various moves over the years a lot of detail has been lost;

1. The Gilbert Sword for top student - Could you talk to the Assn to see if anyone knows when it was instigated. Intent is to continue with this award and I currently am chasing names from about 1986 on.

2. The Young Officers Mere - This was for the best Troop Officer who whilst on course displayed: C2 on the Gunline, Most proficient CPO; Motivation to learn, Leadership on the Gun position and Integrity. It was presented by Maj Jim Heard (CI '79 - '82) and has 3 recipients ('82,'84,'85). Intent is to get it reframed and hung in YO lecture room. I would like to confirm that Jim Heard started this in '82 as there will be an explanation in the frame.

My intent is to have them finished prior to 20 June ( cse end).  Any assistance you could provide will be appreciated.  Please respond to

Regards, Steve Harvey