Thanks to the NZ Artillery from a Canadian

I am a Canadian who hasn't forgotten.  Just want to say thank you.  My dad served with No3 Transport Coy RCASC and my uncle with 3 RCR  during the Korean war.  This being the 63 anniversary of the Battle of Kapyong and meeting a Canadian veteran who served with D Coy  PPCLI I starting thinking how soldiers could hold out against odds like that.  Platoons against battalions, battalions against divisions.  It was Bren guns, 81mm mortars and 25 pounders, especially those of the 16 Field Regt at Kapyong.  Besides having to deal with the flow of refugees and infiltrators, hand to hand combat, being there when D Coy  PPCLI called for artillery on its own position and firing over 10000 rounds in 3 days was epic.   With Canadian infantry holding the hill and NZ artillery, we couldn't lose.   They came from countries thousands of kilometers apart but in those days they were brothers. Just want to say thanks and I haven't forgotten.  (Two photos included)

Graham Eady