The Royal New Zealand Artillery Association Port. Torlesse Reserve Old Tawny

The Royal New Zealand Artillery Association Port
Torlesse Reserve Old Tawny

The Royal NZ Artillery Association have arranged a special label and a price
exclusive to members of $26 per bottle.

Winemakers Comments
The wine style is operated on a solera system started in 1992 where the barrels are nev-er emptied. Each bottling is taken from the original 5 barrels which are half emptied, then topped with the next oldest wine.
This wine has been matured in barrels for an average of 10 years, the base wine is a blend of red grapes fortified with high strength alcohol. As the wine matures the colour gradually takes on a tawny colour and develops a sweet nutty character.
Much of the wines development has already occurred in the barrel so this wine is ready to drink but can be cellared for many more years. The wine is complex and shows the typical rancio character of a good tawny port, and is an excellent way to end any good meal, or entertainment. To be enjoyed in moderation. This wine can be stored after opening in a decanter for months with no adverse effects.

To order:
Christchurch delivery to a specific address is freight free. Orders to other areas will incur a freight charge,
The wine can be ordered by contacting Torlesse Wines on email: or phone 03 3146929 or 021758441
Easiest method of payment is by credit card but they can do direct debit as well with an invoice.