``Ubique 300, Queens Baton, `Sketchy Info`

FROM Tony McLeod:

``Ubique 300, Queens Baton, `Sketchy Info`

We now have some outline information on the Queens Baton travel through New Zealand;

  • Late Feb (27/29?) the Baton will arrive in Auckland  with an RA Rugby Team.
  • The team will play a match against Navy in Auckland before travelling south to Linton where a second game is proposed against a NZ (Army?) Team (most soldiers from 16 Field Regiment are on exercise overseas at this time so the match will not be against a Gunner team).
  • The RA Team will then travel to Wellington, with the possibility of a 3rd game.
  • The Rugby Team and Baton will then leave NZ on about 9 March.

We will advise as soon as we have definite dates, times, locations for these events as it would be good to see a great level of support for our visitors.

Tony McLeod
RNZA Association​``​