Auckland District Activities

District Coordinators

The Auckland District is divided into two sub-districts, Northern and Southern.   

  • The Coordinator for the Northern area is: Tony McLeod,  Ph 027 2698472
  • The Coordinator for the Southern area is: 

Auckland District Events


Gunners Day 2016.  Click here to see details.


St Barbara's Day 2016. TBA



Notice to all Auckland Gunners

If you would like to set up a social get-together with fellow gunners, please email the details of where and when you intend to meet to  If you would like to make this a regular occurrence, then just email the details to and we will include it as a permanent feature on this page. 

If that’s too difficult, just phone Tony McLeod on 027 2698472.

Historical Projects 

Commemorative Statue, Albert Park